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How it works.

The Master of Science in Medical Sciences (MSMS Methodology) is powered by Tiber’s flagship education technology that leverages distance instruction, adaptive learning, and advanced analytics to guide student support and predict performance in medical school and professional exams.


Hundreds of thousands of data points are collected across all students completing the curriculum to understand what variables best predict a student’s success in medical school. Combined with the dynamic classroom.
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Dynamic Classroom

Backed by state-of-the-art technology, our curriculum is delivered through in-class discussions and real clinical situations. Our-classroom experience focuses class time on areas where students need more attention to drive student interaction and comprehension
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Live Data Collection

Student responses to in-class questions, homework, and exams are tracked to give detailed insight into their performance.
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Discussion-Based Classroom

Online-based lectures means class time is spent in small group discussions to improve comprehension, communication, and critical thinking.
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Student Analytics

Predictive analytics in the MSMS are the difference. By collecting thousands of student data points through student performance, our model accurately predicts student performance on the USMLE Step 1 Board exam and aligns them with their best-fit careers.
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Predict USMLE Performance

Shortly after starting the MSMS, our student analytics model can predict USMLE Step 1 Board performance based on previously collected student data.
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Identify Student Pathways

Detailed student performance analytics identify topical strengths to pinpoint what career or speciality is best for them.


Course material that mirrors year one of medical school is delivered dynamically in universities across the United States.

With self-guided lectures and readings assigned for outside of the classroom, students are free to study digitally whenever it best fits their schedule. These lessons are then applied to dynamic class discussions, virtual labs, and competency training.

> Self-guided digital lectures
> In-class quizzes and discussions
> Virtual labs and competency training

In-class sessions are customized to focus on the areas that students need more explanation in. This time is based on real-time quiz results, increasing in-class effectiveness, and subject competency.


By collecting thousands of data points from individual student performance, the MSMS analytics accurately predict student performance topically, as a medical student and their USMLE Step 1 Board results range.

The MSMS methodology is powered by analytics that assesses students’ topical proficiency and overall success through the curriculum. This unique feature helps students find areas for improvement, explore new pathways in health care, and prepare for their best fit health care career.


Originally developed by medical professors at Ponce Health Sciences University's School of Medicine, the MSMS curriculum is available at partner universities so students have the same education with local support.

Earn your MSMS degree through Tiber Health's university partners with locations across the United States.
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